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5 Tips for Finding a Commercial Roof Coating Contractor

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There is a hard and fast rule for industrial roof repair — never just repair a roof without making sure that you also waterproof it appropriately with a roof coating. Your roof is an expensive part of your building maintenance plan and needs proper expert repair and waterproofing.

Be it industrial roof restoration or just regular waterproofing maintenance, always consult professional coating specialists. But before that, consider these five tips to find the right contractor for your purpose.

Ask for Experience

Industrial roof coatings need proper technical supervision. So, you have to make sure that the contractor is capable enough to handle it efficiently without your supervision.

How long have they been working as a licensed contractor? What kind of buildings have they worked on before? Are any of those buildings similar to yours? How have they repaired those buildings? What type of waterproof coating products are used? These are the queries that you should be making of your contractor before hiring them.

Check That They are a Licensed Contractor

The next tip would be to do a little background check before finalizing the roof coating contractor. You want to see whether they are licensed contractors. Licensed contractors are required to cover the right level of liability and worker’s compensation coverage. 

Focus on Their Insurance

The next question to ask is whether the roof coating contractor is insured or not. This is to ensure that the property owner can’t be sued in case of an injury. The contractor should have their workers insured; otherwise, you might be held liable if any of their workers get injured while working on your property.

Don’t Forget the Warranty

A warranty is the contractor’s vow that they provide quality work. If you ask the roof coating contractor about a warranty on their work and they avoid the question, then they might not be delivering the quality that your facility needs.  Good roof coating contractors will provide a period of time that their work is guaranteed.

Go Local

While looking for a roof coating specialist, it is advised to get in touch with the local roof coating contractors first. A local roof coating specialist will understand the climates that the roof needs to be coated for.  A local contractor will be readily available and can be reached at a moment’s notice.

How Can We Help?

If you are searching for commercial roof coating services, then you can count on us without a moment’s hesitation. We are licensed roof coating contractors and take pride in our reliable services. Our expertise in the field is over 25 years with our knowledgeable team of talented professionals who will be able to assist you with anything related to industrial coatings. We also provide the following services:

We will provide you with the most reliable solutions and maintenance plans for your industrial building. After all, our priority is our clients’ satisfaction and the quality of our work. Therefore, the next time you need to get in touch with a professional regarding your industrial roof coating, give Belli Maintenance a call at 860.642.4692, and we will have our experts help determine the best solution.