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Building Envelope Solutions
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Restore, Standardize, Sustain with Belli Maintenance

Belli Maintenance offers turn-key, planned and preventative maintenance services for roofs, floors, walls, and windows. From remedial repairs to capital projects, we restore, standardize and sustain your facilities. Belli Maintenance has been serving industrial and commercial clients since 2005. 

Planned Maintenance: Includes those maintenance tasks whose cycle exceeds one year. Examples of planned or programmed maintenance are painting, monolithic coatings of roofs, overlays and seal coating of roads, parking lots and parking garages.

Preventive Maintenance: A planned, controlled program of periodic inspection, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication and selective replacement or repair of components and parts. As well as performance testing and analysis intended to maximize the reliability, performance and lifecycle of building systems, equipment, etc. Preventive maintenance consists of many check point activities on items, that if disabled, may interfere with an essential installation operation, endanger life or property, or involve high cost or long lead time for replacement.

Facility Asset Management program

Our goal is to maximize the return of your facility investment using proven Facility Asset Management strategies through consultation, audits, diagnostics and budgeting; all facilitated through a long-term Facility Asset Management program. We provide facilities a customized, and calculated approach. Organizing the unique needs of your facility, with an easy to navigate and comprehensive “playbook” to strategically maintain your facility with your partners here, at Belli Maintenance.

Our Facility Asset Management program includes:

  • Condition assessment
  • Bi-annual inspections
  • Leak response
  • Remedial repairs 

We provide trained visual inspectors, diagnostics and proven asset management strategies. We use data to determine the reality of your facilities existing conditions before making recommendations. As certified installers of many of the industries leading manufacturers, we are able to provide a spectrum of options and recommendations. 

Maintenance programs are a proven strategy in lowering annual maintenance cost. With standardized inspections, capital expenditures are strategically implemented which will drive down long-term capital expenses. All strategies are focused on maximizing the best of your existing building conditions while providing calculated restorations as needed.

All onsite employees are certified as follows:

  • OSHA 10 certified
  • Lift Operator Certified
  • Lead Compliant
  • TWIC
  • Hazmat Controlled Certified

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