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5 Common Reasons a Commercial Roof Leaks

roof leaks

The last thing anyone wants to see a puddle of water gathering on their floor as the result of a leaky roof.  Certain factors can cause your commercial roof to be susceptible to leaks especially during bad weather without proper waterproofing. 

There are 5 possible causes that we’ll explore today. It could be any of the following five reasons, but knowing how to identify the source of the damage is the first step towards fixing the roof the right way and avoid future leaks. 

Open Penetrations

Many commercial roofs tend to have roof penetrations like HVAC units, gas lines, drains, vents, etc. These areas pass through the roof membrane and are susceptible to leaks.

You can get these sealed adequately by a commercial roof coating service provider during a roof inspection. It will help reduce the risk of leaks or other damage in the future.  Proper sealing of the areas that penetrate the roof membrane will help ensure the roof is properly waterproofed.

Poor Design 

Poorly designed commercial roofs often create areas of standing water. This can result in the accumulation of water and snow/ice that adds substantial pressure on your roof. If gone unnoticed, the buildup can damage the roof and result in leaks.

Here at Belli Maintenance, we see roofs that have a problematic design and work with the facility managers to ensure the correct waterproofing and roofing material is applied to these areas.

Age of the Roof 

Low slope commercial roofs typically have a lifespan of around 15-20 years before they reach a point beyond repair and need to be replaced. An old roofing system is one of the most common reasons for leaky roofs.

There are mainly two essential elements that secure your commercial roof:

  1. The membrane: which acts as a protective layering to your roof.
  2. The flashing: which binds the edge of your roof.
  3. The waterproofing sealant or coating: the top layer of the roof that seals it from the elements

If your roof’s membrane is still new or younger than 15 years, then you’ll want to look at the waterproof coating covering your roof.

Damaged Material 

There are mainly three essential elements that secure your commercial roof that need to be checked for damage:

Broken Membrane

A membrane is an integral part of a commercial roof. And any damage to its integrity can result in a leaky roof. Thus, inspect the membrane for splits, cracks, or shrinks regularly and make timely repairs if required. 

Deteriorating Flashing

Flashing works to keep the edges of the membrane intact. However, it can expand or contract with varying temperatures leading to gapping and leakages. Moreover, storms and other adverse conditions can also loosen the flashing, hindering its potential to prevent seepage. Thus, consider repairing the flashing to avoid any leaks.

Cracked or Blistering Roof Coating

A properly installed roof coating can not only waterproof your commercial roof, but can make the life of your roof last longer.  However, sometimes a coating will need to be repaired, restore or re-installed.  Common issues with roof coating are cracking and blistering.  If you see these issues on your roof, it is time to bring in a roof coating specialist.

Regular maintenance and inspections

Any commercial roof should be regularly inspected and small issues should be resolved before they turn into bigger issues.

If you are looking for industrial roof coating restoration or other maintenance repairs, reach out to Belli Maintenance for affordable services. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, our team of professionals’ works with all your preferred mandates for the best results. Call at (860) 642-4692 to book an appointment with us today.